Retirement Income Strategies

We break down our retirement strategies into two parts:

1. Helping grow retirement wealth through diversified tax-deferred tactics.

2. Helping show you how to distribute income so that it is guaranteed to last your lifetime, and is taxed at the least possible rate.


Our team works with many types of annuities to find the right solution for your needs. In some cases, it may be a fixed indexed annuity to build tax deferred accumulation and provide you with a guaranteed lifetime income, while giving you protection of your assets.

In other cases, the solution could be a combination of a fixed indexed annuity and an immediate annuity to keep your income levels where you need them, and possibly lower the taxes you owe due to Social Security.

Life Insurance Solutions

Life insurance provides pure protection against loss of a spouse or partner, preventing you from being forced to change your financial lifestyle. In addition, we can use Indexed Universal Life to help build tax-deferred cash and distribute it in the form of guaranteed lifetime income that could be tax-free.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care planning helps to cover long-term care costs that many retirees face in the future. LTC planning can be included with your annuity or life insurance plan, to best suit your needs.

Estate Planning

We review your whole financial picture, possibly bringing in estate planning attorneys and/or CPAs to advise on the legal and tax implications of your plan.